OCTOBER 18, 2007

OCTOBER 18, 2007
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Today was our monthly Boulevard Comprehensive Care Patient Advisory Board Meeting. Unfortunately, the representatives from Catholic Charities and NFAN were not able to attend because they are currently at a training seminar. However, Heather and I were able to bring a few people to file complaint forms because of incidents they had happen while there for service.

We also found out that Dr. Glass will no longer be in the position she had taken. That's is a big blow because you could tell she really cared about the HIV community. So Dr. Hilliard is going to have his hands full. They are short roughly 9 employees... but as I pointed out today... that isn't the fault of the community and they shouldn't be affected by it. It's the job of BCC to suck it up and make it work. Hopefully, we won't be starting back at square one again.

Heather was sweet and took us to lunch in San Marco at the pizza parlor. I hadn't been to San Marco in awhile at it was strange to see all the new development over there even though they have horrible drainage and flooding problems every time it rains.

Heather and I also talked about the several events that are coming up for the project and the items that we need to start preparing like handouts.

It is suppose to start storming here tonight and through tomorrow so I'm just glad to be back home with my four legged kids.

Hope that all of you had a great day... make the most of life.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab