OCTOBER 20, 2007

OCTOBER 20, 2007
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Well gang today is Saturday and you know what that means.... COLLEGE FOOTBALL

Had a bad night last night so I slept until noon. When I got up the Tennessee/Bama game was on television. Right now in the fourth quarter it's Tennessee 17 Bama 41 with less than two minutes to go. This was one of the BIG games that my family would watch while I was growing up. My parents would have friends over and mom loved entertaining. Those were such great times. We don't realize as kids how great things are when you come from a close loving family. I've met a lot of friends that were not that fortunate so it makes me cherish those memories even more.

Rev. Gary DeBusk's funeral was this morning. I was hoping to go but the two people I was going to ride with were unable to go and my legs were killing me. So I had a quite time at home to remember him, his friendship and the wonderful things he did not only for his church congregations but for the HIV community.

This weekend they are also having Art in the Park at Riverside Park. Hopefully, I will feel like going tomorrow and my legs and back will be doing better.

Now the Florida State/Miami game is getting ready to start. USC versus Notre Dame is also playing. Bobby Bowden the coach from Florida State really needs his team to win this game if they hope to have a winning season. It's such a change from back to back National Championships they had when I attended FSU.

Hope that all of you are having a great weekend. Take some time to enjoy life and those special people in your life.

Wishing all of you health, hope and happiness, Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab