OCTOBER 22, 2007

OCTOBER 22, 2007
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Hey gang... I ended up getting up late today. Had a very hard time getting to sleep because of the pain in my head from the blockage. It makes it extremely hard to get to sleep not to mention the nausea and blurred vision that it causes which leads to other problems.

Anyway, I choose to focus on the positive. After if finally started raining, I went for a short walk to get out of the house. Received the poster artwork for the Teddy Bear Touchdown from Walter which I loved. Just made a couple of very small changes. I'm so glad Walter signed on to the organization. He is so talented between being a playwright, actor, activist and great friend. We've known each other for many years.

I'm hoping that next year for World AIDS Week that we are able to get a grant so Walter can do his play "Me and My Virus". It is such a moving play and so appropriate considering how many people are on ADAP waiting lists.

It finally stopped raining here so my "kids" were able to go outside and take care of business. My two female dogs absolutely hate going outside either when it's raining or right afterwards. God forbid they get their paws wet... LOL

I also received permission from a wonderful man to use the web clips of Rod's final days fighting AIDS. While I don't like to focus on death and dying, the fact is that many long term survivors are now dying because our bodies (kidneys, liver, etc) are failing after years of medications and dealing with HIV and Opportunistic Infections. You can find these clips in our Virtual Resource Center.

I hope that everyone had a great day. Wishing all of you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab