OCTOBER 27, 2007

OCTOBER 27, 2007
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Today is Saturday and since I was out much later than usual for the Masquerade Ball last night, I didn't get up until almost noon which is rare for me. I woke up with all the dogs in bed and even my cat was there since it was a chilly morning for a change. It was also raining when I woke up. I'm just glad it didn't rain last night and spoil the event. The Pride Committee had put so much hard work into throwing the event.

Gary had to work today so I spent a few hours updating the legal paperwork for the project. We'll be filing for our 501c3 status and to do that in Florida you must incorporate. We'll be approving all the new paperwork at the next board of directors meeting.

Now since it's Saturday, you know I'm stuck to the television watching college football in the afternoon. There were three great games on today, but this is Florida/Georgia weekend. So of course that was the main game of the day. And the results... GEORGIA WINS!... Now I have to give my Gators there due... it was a very close game the entire time and either team could have won. Tebow the quarterback for Florida also has a hurt shoulder that he was favoring some and that didn't help. But you have to expect that in football, it's a man's game and you're going to get hurt some.

I spent the rest of the day enjoying other activities... well... a man does have certain needs. LOL Hope that all of you had a great day.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab