OCTOBER 4, 2007

OCTOBER 4, 2007

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Today I had my dentist appointment at BCC (our local one stop HIV city care). The employees there seem to be turning around the bad attitudes that a lot of them had before the new clinic Director came on board. She has really shaken things up at the clinic which was desperately needed. She's working with the Patient Advisory Board that I and several members of this project attend in order to make it a place that people with HIV will want to go instead of dreading their trips.

The young woman cleaning my teeth did an excellent job and had a great personality. I even was seen BEFORE my appointment time. Now that might not sound like a big deal to some people, but it was very common for them to be running an hour or so behind a few months ago.

I will be going back to see the dentist in about 4 weeks to see if I have any new cavities. It wouldn't surprise me if a filling has to be replaced. When I drink very hot or very cold drinks, I definitely feel a spot on the bottom left rear teeth.

Went and spoke with a few of the people that I meet with at other organizations that happen to work for BCC. Everyone is so busy with the reorganization and with World AIDS Week just a couple of months away. I know we're still adding events to our local week which I've also heard from other cities. Seems everyone is waiting to the last moment to sign on board.

Came home and went for a long walk with my dogs. It was a nice day for a few hours before the rains came back and wanted to get them some exercise. My little blind boy, Chipper, has to be carried from time to time due to his advanced age. But he loves going on walks like the rest of them.

Watched Ugly Betty tonight which is one of the few shows that I really enjoy watching. It is so well written and acted. Only thing I wish Santos hadn't been killed off since he was just making contact with his son again.

Spent the rest of the night working on this website and will be getting ready for St. Augustine Pride tomorrow for Saturday.

Have a great night!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab