OCTOBER 6, 2007

OCTOBER 6, 2007

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Today is ST. AUGUSTINE PRIDE DAY. Woke up very early this morning to make sure we had everything ready for pride. Heather is picking me up at 10am so we can be there by 11am to set up. Pride started at noon.

It was raining in Jacksonville when I woke up so at first we weren't even sure if we'd be able to set the booth up. Luckily by the time we reached St. Augustine it had cleared up. Actually, it would have been better if it had been overcast because I ended up getting too much sun even with the cover over the booth. Heather was a sweetheart and bought a small cover for our booth. Only problem was it was shorter in height that I am tall. So I was wearing it like a hat most of the day... LOL

Everyone was so nice at the Pride event. Ran into several people that I haven't seen in years. Several of them use to attend St. Luke's MCC before the new church formed in St. Augustine with Rev. Ruth Jensen leading them. I've known Ruth and her other half Elizabeth for many years. They are two great women that believe in and stand up for their principles and their community. We are lucky to have them.

Jere' has agreed to be our contact for their church's donations to the Teddy Bear Touchdown. That is going to help us so much since many of their members expressed an interest in donating their teddy bears. Their donations will make so many kids with HIV and AIDS happy at the holiday season. Nothing is worse than a child not receiving presents at the holidays, but with their medical costs being so high; it makes it difficult for their parents to also provide holiday celebrations.

Many people attended pride also brought their dogs. Several times it almost made for dog fights, but most of the dogs were well behaved. Now I didn't take my dogs because they are very protective of each other and I didn't want them picking fights with other dogs. Both of my female dogs are very protective of their blind older brother.

Nathaniel and Torrencia showed up to relieve Heather and I around 4pm. I was worn out for the heat and sun by that point and fell asleep for part of the ride home. I was very happy with the response we received and looking forward to doing the event again next year.

Gary and I then went to a birthday party for Dale and Patrick. They have birthday that are a few weeks apart but decided to throw a joint birthday party. I've know Dale for about 3 years and Patrick for over 20 years. Dale has had many health problems in the past few years. Patrick just started back to work after having to be off for a few months. We always have a great time when we go to see them. They throw great parties and always have a ton of food.

Ended up leaving about 9:30pm because I was exhausted from being in the sun at Pride and came home. Took the pets out and watched television for about an hour and then passed out.

Hope that all of you had a great Saturday. Wishing you health, happiness and hope.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab