October 8, 2015

October 8, 2015
Why do straight men feel awkward around gay men?

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Thursday and I hope you are having a beary safe and great week so far. Dab the AIDS Bear is resting up for another busy weekend coming up.

I am bewildered sometimes at the sight of individuals who showed their awkwardness towards an innocent gay man. Yes, that face expression of awkwardness is very obvious and hurtful towards gay men. Gay man can somewhat be perceived as having a girly soft character that has always becomes a problem because it intimidates the straight man. I do not tend to discriminate gay society as a different group of people; I am just trying to portray the difference between gay people with straight individuals in our society. I am woman and 3 out of my 5 best friends in the world are a gay man. As you read on, you will realize that this hub will be focusing more on how gay men are coping with challenges in today’s society.

Why do straight men feel awkward around gay men? Let me ask you male readers out there. Have you ever been in a social gathering where you were introduced to a gay guy? Have you ever met a gay man make a friendly approach towards you but only to be greeted with a disgusted faces by you? Then you claimed that the gay man was the one being awkward because his intention of flirting with you? It is embarrassing if you were to conceit towards that extent.

Gay men are a great listener

To really dwell on their personal lives and how they have coped with the society’s abuse is a tremendous achievement I would say. Gay men are much more sensitive than women. I am not talking about imbalance hormonal rage or unreasonable outburst. The level of sensitivity of gay men is surprisingly sweet. Due to the frequent and excessive abuse from their surroundings, they have acquired very deep understanding towards emotion. Their sensitivity sometimes can surpass a woman’s sensitivity. Believe me when I say they are the best listener if you want to share your problems. Sometimes it is not only soft men who prefer to hang out with girls can be homosexual. There are also masculine and strong men that has came out of their closet. Take a look at Neil Patrick Harris. Listen to the message he said in this YouTube video. He advised gay student about how the society now is attracted to individuals with different point of view. It is an amazing video when he stood up for gay students given his character as sweet talker playboy in the famous series of “How I met your mother”.

How do gay men get offended?

It is sad to see some of the straight men out there are still addressing gay men as faggots. As if gay men do not have any feelings. I think this is happening because most straight men are scared to think they will be molested when they meet a gay man. They feel uncomfortable and awkward towards gay man thinking the innocent queer is interested to sleep with them. Don’t you think this perception is absurd? Imagine this, you are a straight guy and feels like talking to a girl sitting next to you in a class, she noticed your presence and straight away gave an irritated look thinking you want to get into her pants and rudely walks away. How would you feel? Obviously the girl is acting like a total bitch. What is wrong about a guy wanting to make a friendly chat with an acquaintance? This is what happening to a lot of gay men. Getting an approach from a gay man does not mean he wants to sleep with you. That is very embarrassing if that is what you perceive. They are human beings with souls. They have personalities, skills and talents as well. The only difference is their sexual orientation. Ricky Martin is a celebrity who openly admitted that he is gay.

God and gay people

Some people might say, being gay is still wrong because it is frowned upon by most religion. To argue these “deity” individual’s point of view, the obvious reason it is prohibited by most religion is because human kind would be extinct if the whole population turns gay. Let us examine this one by one. Will all the human beings in the world turned gay? This will never happens because the natural selection as stated by Charles Darwin’s grand idea of evolution. Even if it does happen, the worst case scenario, we still have the medical technology that can compliments with sperm donor and adoptions. As long as the gay parent is capable to raise child with love and education, what is the morally wrong about that?

Apologies in advance if some of my points have offended some of my religious readers but gay people have never asked to be gay. They just happen to be that way. Parents who happen to have a gay child should love the son or daughter the way they are. If god has wired him or her to be a painter, why would parents want to force him into becoming a pastor? We are not god, and we do not know their stories. Given if we were put in their circumstances, how would we react? Since we have never been in their shoes, we are in no position to make that prejudgment call. If there is doubt, straight men should be lower their guards down and try to understand gay men's situation. By understanding and compassion, we could eliminate the presence of double standard in our society.

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