October 9, 2008

October 9, 2008
It's great having you join me for another day in my life. I hope you are having a safe and great day.

First for the good news, I received an email last night from a dear friend, Senora. Senora was one of our project's first Dab's Angels because of her long time work with HIV and AIDS patients. Senora is a bright beaming light who greets people with HIV and AIDS when they show up to do clinical trial studies at the National Institute of Health. I knew after our first meeting that we would make great friends because of her outgoing and caring personality. Senora and I have a running joke about how gay men like me who have participated in clinical trial studies at NIH use her name as a "code". ROFLOL. So Senora, here's a big huge hug from Daddy Dab to you sweetheart. I hope you're having a great week and I look forward to getting one of your big hugs soon.

I started off my day with some troublesome news from another friend in Washington, DC. It turns out now our government leaders want another $150 billion dollars after the $700 billion they just received.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that a $150 billion economic stimulus plan is needed now because of the faltering economy and she may call the House into session after the election to pass it. (Of course, no one up for election would want to have to ask their constituents about the new bailout.)

Pelosi told reporters that the stock market meltdown, which has caused an estimated $2 trillion loss from pension funds, was a factor in her recommendation for a second stimulus bill. The first relief plan sent out $600-$1,200 tax rebate checks to most individuals and couples this year.

The House did pass a $61 billion economic aid proposal last month before lawmakers left Capitol Hill ahead of the Nov. 4 election. But a similar plan failed to pass the Senate. President Bush had promised a veto anyway.

If Democratic nominee Barack Obama wins the White House and if Capitol Hill Democrats make gains in the elections as well, it might be easier to pass a stimulus measure over dispirited Republicans, especially if the economy remains in big trouble.

The Senate is expected to be back at work after Election Day to complete a public lands bill and perhaps deal with other matters, such as a measure to extend unemployment benefits. The House also could return to consider a stimulus plan and additional issues in a lame-duck session before the newly elected Congress takes over in January.

Pelosi said a stimulus package would create jobs by investing in public works, increasing food stamps benefits and extending unemployment insurance for the long-term jobless. She said lawmakers need to "hunker down" and look closely at the federal budget for possible savings, and reconsider whether the U.S. can afford to fight "a war without end" in Iraq.

On a personal front, I am personally pissed off how our leaders are wanting to use taxpayers money to once again bail out the mess the rich and our government leaders have created. Where is the accountability of the people who made all the money (mainly those already rich) when all these toxic situations paid off for them? Yet again, middle class and lower class Americans are being asked to mortgage their souls to bail out the country. When is it going to end? I guess I might feel differently if any of their plans directly helped those in trouble. But in my opinion, we were an afterthought with what we did receive and those concessions were mainly done so that a citizen revolt would not happen.

Well I hope all of this has not hit your retirement account as I am hearing from so many friends.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab