Hi, My name is Dab and I'm the ORIGINAL Dab the Aids Bear.

My Measurements are: 8 1/2" X 4 1/2". I'm 21 and I have med brown soft hair, shiny dark brown eyes and a red ribbon on my chest.

It's minimum donation of $20.00 including one way travel arrangements to your location within the continental United States to guarantee the enjoyment of my company for a lifetime. To book my appearance, click on my pic at the bottom of the page.

I do like traveling so if you're outside of that area; don't worry. You contact me or my agency for donation rates that will cover the additional airfare so that you too can have me all for yourself.

My hobbies are traveling, entertaining, photography, comforting people, making them smile, camping and hiking in the mountains, and fund raising for life saving medications for people with HIV/AIDS. There are over 600 of our fellow Americans dying with HIV/AIDS on ADAP waiting lists without access to medications even though they qualify according to government requirements.

I know... can you believe that's happening right here in the United States of America? Who would have thought our country would allow other Americans to die just because there are not enough funds to pay for financially challenged citizens to have life saving medications.

The worst part... the women and children that are effected and affected by this. I thought that only happened in other countries... guess I was wrong.

Help me show the world that I was right... that Americans don't let our own people die without hope. To have me for yourself, a friend or to book me for an event at any special holiday or occasion at your house, church or community event, arrange my arrival plans today.

and BTW the tabloids lie... I'm the ORIGINAL Dab the AIDS Bear. OK... OK... I'll admit... I had reconstructive surgery in 1999 for this look. My birthdate is 01/01/1983.

I'm great at making people feel good, bringing smiles to faces of all ages, races, and genders. I'm very talented and a hit at birthdays, holidays, parties, special occasions and fund raisers.

But I only have so many dates available, so send a donation today to guarantee my appearance with you and help save the life of a fellow American man, woman or child struggling with HIV/AIDS.

Click on my picture for more information and my personal profile