September 10, 2011

September 10, 2011
St. Petersburg AIDS Walk 2011

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Saturday and it is also the St. Petersburg AIDS Walk 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida. I hope your weekend is off to a safe and great start. It is a very busy weekend for Dab the AIDS Bear and me.

The bear and I had to be up very early this morning so we can get ready to head to where the AIDS Walk is being held and set up the booth for Dab the AIDS Bear Project. Registration starts at 8am and you can find out booth right next to the booth for ASAP (AIDS Service Association for Pinellas County). Then I will be speaking around 11am before we start walking.

Yesterday, Dab the AIDS Bear and I hosted an event poolside at the Flamingo Resort to help raise money for the AIDS Walk and get some last minute donations. It was a great enthusiastic crowd and we are so thankful and appreciate for everyone coming out and the great response. It was a beautiful day by the pool with a great group of people.

Last night, the AIDS Walk committee threw a fantastic VIP event at the Flamingo Resort featuring Frenchie Davis from American Idol and Rent, Dab the AIDS Bear and myself. We would like to thank everyone for showing us so much love and hospitality. We would also like to thank ASAP, the AIDS Walk Committee and the Flamingo Resort. You folks rock and we had a fantastic time! Hopefully, we will be seeing all of you at the walk later this morning.

On the down side, I received some upsetting news on Thursday evening that a very close friend with HIV and cancer is losing his battle and will not be with us very much longer. We have been friends for a very long time and I wish I could get to Kentucky to visit with him but that is not going to be possible. Since I know he reads this blog, I just wanted to let him know he is in my thoughts and prayers. I will honor his privacy by not revealing his name. So I am asking all of you who read this blog to please put some positive energy out there for Dab's friend in need.

Going to close for now but will write more later today after we get back to where we are staying here in St. Petersburg. I will write more about the walk and other events happening today. So stay tuned for more information sometime this evening or in the blog for tomorrow.

Hope all of you have a great Saturday!

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab