SEPTEMBER 11, 2007

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
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Welcome to my blog.

I hope it will help you put real face to the war on HIV/AIDS. The topics has been all but erased in national news especially television when dealing with HIV and AIDS in the United States.

Not sure if it's because it's no longer politically correct? If Hollywood and it's stars forgot about their friends here in America that died. I would hope not... when we stop talking what are we saying to the memories and life of those close to you that have lost their battle with AIDS.

Today is the sixth anniversary of 9/11. I still remember that day. I had just woke up and turned on the television as the clip of the first plane flying into the World Trade Center was aired. At first, I thought it was some type of Hollywood promotion for an upcoming film or some type of viral video from the internet.

Then to my horror, they showed the second plane as it flew into the other tower. I ran to the bedroom to wake up my partner at that time. He didn't believe me either. It was such a surreal feeling that day. Who would have thought that we would be attack on our own soil. That's why it was so hard for people to believe.

I went to a World Aids Week Committee meeting where we are finalizing the plans for this year's events. I am member of the Public Relations Committee and we are in the process of sending out our press packets to the media. The week of events has the promise of being the best ever.

I spent most of the rest of the day working on this project and the website. Met with some of the other board members to discuss upcoming events. We were just asked to host a table at the St. Augustine Pride Festival in October.

Then I came to my favorite part of the day... spending time with my pets. On the home front, Chipper (my long haired 14 year old daschund that I rescued from animal control) has been having more health problems. I'm a huge animal lover so seeing him in distress just rips my heart out. Taking him to the vet on Thursday.

Overall it was a good day. Side effects from the HIV medications were less severe today than most days. Still having a ton of problems with my back from injuries in a car accident.

Saw friends at the World Aids Week meeting where we are putting the finishing touches on this year's program and events. They are a great group of people that I am honored to know and assist with this very important yearly event.

Then I did a very like work out. Tired of my body losing it's definition as I have been recovering from a short hospitalization a couple of weeks ago for a small stroke.

Animal rescue is my other passion in life. I wish I had a cabin in the woods of North Carolina or other rural area with roughly 200 acres and I would save as many animals as possible.

Then came home and spent some time with my 3 dogs and 1 cat that have all been rescued from the local Animal Control. My three dogs are: Chipper, 14 year old long haired miniature daschund, Harley, 7 year old miniature schnauzer, and Sugar, year old Maltese. I have one Cat: Kitty

I have been adopted by a ring-necked dove that flies to my deck every day that I've been feeding. It has been nicknamed "Bandit" for the ring around it's neck. Bandit was obviously someone's pet when it must have escaped and I found him on my deck outside. So I've been making sure it has water and bird food.

I believe Bandit was a captive pet and somehow got loose. Bandit does not seem to know how to exist on it's own. All I know is it shows up at least once a day to be fed and will sit on my finger and let me pet it. So it's a little gift I get from the universe each day.

Worked on this website for a couple of hours. I receive requests to add events or organizations to guides and or pages within the website, so I wanted to catch up on those.

Enjoyed watching a memorial to 9/11 and had all the feelings of that day pour back. The disbelief, the anger, the sadness and grief... I know that I never in a million years considered that happening on US soil.

When I was still working in the corporate world, we had a branch office in one of the towers. We lost employees that day. My hearfelt sympathies go to those employee's families. I had the experience of being told once that your loved one will never be coming home again after a traumatic event. I wouldn't wish that sadness and grief on my worse enemy.