SEPTEMBER 12, 2007

SEPTEMBER 12, 2007
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Started off the day waking up and the side effects from the medications were so bad it almost house bound me today. But I had a trial study in which I'm participating that I had to attend. So I put on my smiling face and headed to NFAN (Northeast Florida AIDS Network where the study is located.

It's about building better relationships and is a model being initiated through 20 AIDS Service Organizations throughout the United States by the Pfzier Foundation. The study provides financial compensation and lunch for each two hour session that is attended.

The group consists of roughly 4 groups of 20 participants. My group started the study about a month ago and we have really bonded during these sessions. I see excellent potential with this program. It teaches people how to communicate effective especially with regards to their HIV status... when to disclose... how to disclose... and to who you disclose. The answers those questions would depend on your own comfort level in disclosure. Nathaniel is the facilitator and does an excellent job. He's one of those rare people in social services that truly has a passion for helping people 24/7/365.

Spent some time with a good friend, Walter after the session and we ran and did some errands. Had to mail off an order of the new women's AIDS pins that we now offer, check the mail box, get groceries, etc...

Came home to a disturbing email requesting immediate financial assistance for HIV drugs. This person did not live in a state with an ADAP Waiting List so I am checking with them to see why their medications are not been covered under ADAP or Ryan White. Still waiting to hear back from her.

After spending time answering emails and telephone message, I enjoyed some time outside with my pets. The weather in Jacksonville, Fl is finally below 100 degrees so you can go outside without being instantly covered in sweat.