September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008
Welcome to my Friday! Congratulations, we have made it through another work week!

It was a very early start to my morning with my alarm screaming at me starting at 6 am. Because Gary had another night of snoring like a 747, I did not have a very good night of sleep. So I finally rolled out of bed bleary eyed and stumbled my way to the living room. I sat on the couch with my pets as the cobwebs starting clearing from the ole noggin. While I was waking up this morning, I checked my email and phone messages in my effort to keep up with the volume. Yesterday, the project received over a 100 emails so the job can become cumbersome at times. Then it was time for my morning protein shake and then a shower so I can be ready when Lindsey (who is in the picture with me today) picked me up for the trip to Lake City. Shortly before Lindsey was due to arrive I ran the dogs outside for their last break before their morning alone in the house.

Lindsey actually was a few minutes early and I noticed another DWF advocate, Bob, was with her. I had met Bob before at one of our meetings about six months ago. I was still so sleeping I think I napped a couple of times during the hour trip to Lake City. We ended up meeting the rest of the group at a restaurant called Phish Heads. The manager was great about getting anything we needed before we started our meeting. Nancy and Lindsey were our two facilitators for the session today. It was great seeing Nancy again since it has been several weeks since our last visit. I will go over some of the issues in the next few days since each can be lengthy. So let it suffice to say it was a great day of learning and sharing. It actually was even better than I hoped. As we were finishing up our session, we ordered our lunches. I was wanting a pot roast lunch but the waitress said they were out already. So I ended up ordering a philly cheesesteak sandwich and a small spinach salad which were both good. I will share that I have been asked to meet with five of our political officials before the election to discuss the issues which I am looking forward to doing. After a quick group photo shot, it was time to head back for home. Lindsey, Bob and I said our good byes as they were dropping me off. We will be seeing each other again on Monday for our meeting with Senator McCain when he arrives here in Jacksonville.

It was time to get the dogs outside since I was gone almost five hours. The poor, little babies were sitting by the door with their legs crossed begging to go out. After coming back inside, I turned on the Weather Channel for coverage about Hurricane Ike. Their footage of the wave crashing over the 18 foot sea wall in Galveston were amazing. All of the piers on the shore there have already been destroyed. Galveston city officials said they have never seen the storm surge that large. They even put warnings on television for the local citizens that if you stayed you might as well accept you will probably die due to the storm surge and winds. As far away as my hometown of Pensacola, Florida; they were having waves up to 10 feet crashing into the beach and pier. Citizens of Houston have been told to stay at home and hunker down. Officials are predicting large sections of Houston will be flooded also. Officials were afraid there would be a repeat of panic and deaths as they had during their last evacuation. So let's remember to keep the citizens of Texas in our thoughts.

This evening I watched the ALMA awards. If you have never heard of the ALMA awards, the 2008 NCLR ALMA Awards was a spectacular show with some of the most amazing performances by Latino performers. This year the ALMA Awards presented special tributes to Linda Ronstadt, Narciso Rodriguez and Shakira, highlighting the outstanding contributions each of these individuals has made to American culture and society. The ALMA Awards is a unique program, bringing together celebrities and leaders who influence American society. On this evening, all of these leaders, entertainers, fans, and many more came together to celebrate Latino heritage and its positive impact on American entertainment and culture. It was a great well produced show with a fantastic message. A little tidit - Eva Longoria Parker used her influence to bring back the ALMA awards this year. So a big bear hug to Eva for making a difference. I hope you were able to watch it.

Well that is another day in my life. How about you?

I hope you have a safe and great weekend! Remember if you go out in the rain, you have to wear a raincoat!

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab