Septemeber 14, 2008

Septemeber 14, 2008
Welcome to my Sunday and here's wishing you are having a great weekend also.

First, I will share I am concerned about my oldest pet, Chipper. Chipper is a 13 - 14 year old long hair chihuahua who is blind and deaf that I rescued from our local animal control center. His owner had died and Chipper was due to be put down because old, deaf and blind animals are considered unadoptable. Well when I heard he was going to be put down I decided to adopt him. That was almost two years ago. During our recent visit to the veterinarian, the vet told me during the examination Chipper could be older than I was told which is fine. But Chipper really seems to be feeling his age the last couple of months which concerns me. Sometimes he does not want to eat. Sometimes he just lays on the couch all day without wanting to do anything. I become extremely close to my pets since they basically are the only "children" I will have. So while I will not put bad energy out there about his health, I have to be realistic Chipper is a very old dog. Chipper has been letting old yelps today when he tries to get off his side when resting so I will be taking him back to the vet to determine the problem. Unfortunately my schedule is packed tomorrow so it will have to be Tuesday when I take him. Let it suffice to say I am very grateful for the amount of time I get to spend with my pets and I will be savoring every moment especially with Chipper since none of us know exactly how long we will be here. I guess my end point is remember to tell those who are special in your life that you love them and then remember to show it. The day will come when you can not do it in person.

Speaking about getting older, Chipper in human years would now be roughly 100 which is an age I have no desire to see. Do not take my last comment the wrong way. I try to enjoy every day to the fullest no matter where I am or who I am spending my time. But to me, quality of life is much more important than quantity of life. I see too many people who do not really live life to the fullest. Way too many who just go through the motions of life but do not truly connect and enjoy it. I hear people complain to me that they do not have the resources and money to get out and enjoy life. I am sorry but to me that is just an excuse. You can do things which do not cost much money. Visit a public park, go on a picnic, volunteer for an organization, take a walk, whatever, but do something besides staying glued to the television twenty four seven. I have people complain about not being able to meet people but they do nothing to put themselves out there where they could. So do something proactive to improve and enjoy your life this next month. It should not only enrich your life but also your health.

I will get off my soapbox now. LOL. This afternoon, I watched the Jacksonville Jaguars/Buffalo Bills game which was played here in Jacksonville. I had to feel sorry for the players and the fans in the stands since the humiditure today was around 106 degrees. Way too hot for me to have attended the game in person. Not to mention the cheapest tickets even for the nosebleed seats is $50. From the start of the first quarter, the Bills were on the attack scoring the first touchdown in the first couple of opening minutes. They followed their touchdown with a major sack on our quarterback during the Jaguar first possession. After halftime, it was like a different Jaguar team came back out on the field. Finally in the third quarter, the Jaguars got their act together and moved ahead 13 - 10. For the first time in the game, I thought Jacksonville had a chance of winning today. But then Buffalo scored twice and moved ahead 20 - 13 over Jacksonville with less than forty seconds left in the fourth quarter. So unfortunately the Jaguars ending up losing again. So the Jaguars are not doing so well again this season which is going to make it much harder for them to sell enough tickets to the game to prevent a local blackout for broadcasting their game.

Then I watched the Atlanta/Tampa Bay game which was being played in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers were the first to score in the first quarter and pretty much kept command of the remainder of the game. Atlanta did finally score but could not compete against Tampa's offense. The final score was Tampa Bay 24 - Atlanta 9. During the commercials, I took Chipper into the bedroom and did a quick photo shoot with him. I used several different props while arranging the sheets on the bed around him. I also took a few shots of him on the leather couch in the living room while watching football. Tonight for dinner, Gary grilled some top sirloin steaks and made big baked potatoes also. It was all I could do to finish mine and was glad we did not have anything else because I was out of room.

The Pittsburgh/Cleveland game was getting ready to come on television but I can not stay up to watch it. I am going to bed early this evening since I will be seeing Lindsey bright and early at 5am. Lindsey is picking me up for our meeting with Senator McCain at the Veteran's Building at 7am. I would like to thank those of you who emailed in your question for me to ask the Senator during the meeting. I have included them in my list. Then there is a pancake breakfast meet and greet starting at 9am. Tomorrow afternoon is also busy because I have our second meeting of the new men's support group at NFAN and I promised Nathaniel I would be there for him. I have to call him when I get back from my morning evening and find out what time Nathaniel is picking me up. So I will be wiped out by tomorrow night.

I hope you had a great and safe weekend. Enjoy the upcoming week and make the most of it.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab