SEPTEMBER 15, 2007

SEPTEMBER 15, 2007

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I woke up to a beautiful day out. The sun is shining and it's below 90 degrees outside with a light breeze. I can let my pets go outside and play for a change without worrying about them having heat stroke.

In Florida this time of year, that's great weather. It can be close to 100 degrees on some days and with the heat index making it feel like 110 degrees. As soon as you walk outside, you are covered in sweat and trying to breathe in spite of the heat and humidity. I used to love summer as a kid but the older I get the better the cabin in the mountain is looking.

The heat, humidity and danger of heatstroke and dehydration are potential life threatening situations for people with HIV and AIDS. Especially if they have/had PCP (pneumonia), very low immune system, TB, or other opportunistic infections.

The day started off better than usual today. I was actually able to sleep for more than 4 hours at one time. I have major sleeping problems due to my neuropathy from taking HIV medications and spinal injuries from a car wreck. Some days it's tolerable due to pain killers prescribed by a Pain Mgt. Doctor here in Jacksonville. Some days the pain doesn't even budge with the medications. Those days I get very little comfort or rest.

I've learned to plan my days around the way I'm feeling. Luckily, I do not have a 40 hr. a week job like most people. Due to my HIV/AIDS, I had to retire several years ago. On really bad days, I just stay home unless I have a previously scheduled place I have to attend.

As usual, I've been working on the website adding information as organizations and individuals alert me. It has become a labor of love. If this website helps one person with HIV/AIDS or helps prevent one new HIV infection, I will consider this project a success. More than that is gravy...

It's Saturday and college football day. I'm a huge sports fan but especially for football and baseball. Today is the Michigan/Note Dame, Texas/Central FL (UCF) and the University of Florida/Tennessee games. So I will be in front of the boob tube for a few hours.