SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

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As great as I was feeling yesterday, today is just the opposite. It's cloudy here and supposedly going to rain from the leftovers of Hurricane Humberto. The storm hit Texas a couple of days ago and caused major flooding on top of what they've already had.

I was finally able to get some sleep after the pain in my legs and back prevented me from resting for over 24 hours. Two hours into sleeping I woke up with MAJOR PAIN shooting from my toes to my knee on my left leg.

Got up and tried to watch football to distract myself from the pain but to no avail... finally the cramps started to subside after about an hour.

I'm going to contact Dr. Portalatin about this tomorrow. Speaking of the Doc, he's fantastic. I've been seeing him now since 1992 except for the 3 years I was back in California.

I think I forgot to mention that my Infectious Disease doctor, Dr. Issa is leaving the Magic Johnson AIDS Healthcare Foundation where I am a client. His is moving to Boston to be closer to his family.

Dr. Issa and I may not have always seen eye to eye on treatment and therapy decisions not to mention my participation in clinical trial studies; but I still respect the way he gave 100 percent even to his Ryan White patients. He will be greatly missed.

So now it will be time for me to doctor hunt and find a new Infectious Disease doctors. Choosing a doctor for me is like interviewing a new employee when I was still working. I usually will meet two or three different doctors and treat my first couple of visits and question and answer time. My doctor has to be one that I can talk to about alternative treatments, mind body connection in addition to tradional Western medicine.

Then to top the day off, our local football team the Jacksonville Jaguars had a home game today. Unfortunately they did not sell enough seats to broadcast locally. So I couldn't watch my game..

Headed to bed now. Going to have a very long day tomorrow getting ready to leave on my trip to Savannah on Tuesday morning to meet Paula Dean who has a cooking show on the Food Network Channel. They will be filming the Christmas show while I'm there.

I'll keep all of you updated.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Daddy Dab