SEPTEMBER 19, 2007

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007

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Currently I am in Savannah, Georgia to meet Paula Dean from the Food Channel about our project and another fund raiser we will be working on with another organization in the Spring of 2008.

Last night we ate at her restaurant Lady and Sons in downtown Savannah. We made "priority reservations" for dinner which basically means we showed up at 3:30 pm to put our name on the list.

So we showed back up at our "reservation" time with was 8:30pm after running some other errands and shopping at the Paula Dean store next door to the restaurant. We had dinner on the third floor. The buffet was ok... would have liked to have seen a better selection. Items on the menu were small portion and limited, but at least I can say I've eaten there now.

I called it an early evening and went back to the Thunderbird Inn where I was staying. It was a nice little motel built in the 60s with period theme rooms. (think Holiday Inn with period decor) Richard, their front desk clerk, was a great help telling me how to get to the different locations that I needed to be. Thanks Richard!

This morning, I had to be at Bubba's Oyster House which is owned by Paula Dean's brother. This is where they tape Paula's Party. After meeting Paula's people for a brief meeting, I joined the rest of the people that were invited to be part of the audience for the taping.

The room was very nicely decorated since this was the filming for the Christmas Show this holiday season. It took almost 5 hours to film enough takes to get a 40 minute show together. We had the pleasure of listening to Amy Grant sing as she is a guest on that episode along with the chef from Iron Chef.

At the end of the taping, they served us a piece of pie and we were given some complimentary items. I will admit I was amazed they didn't feed us lunch. Oh well...

Then it was time to drive home to Jacksonville, Florida. I have a couple of meeting tomorrow that I needed to be back in town to attend.

The one issue that comes up when you have HIV/AIDS and traveling... do your medications need to be refrigerated? did you bring enough medications in case your flight gets canceled or delayed? what if I need medical attention out of town? Do you have a list of medications and emergency contacts on your person in case you're alone and need assistance?

Some of the questions you need to consider while traveling. It always better to think ahead and be proactive than reactive.

The same is true for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc. always have your emergency plan ready.