SEPTEMBER 20, 2007

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007

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I woke up today and had to hit the ground running. Before a meeting at 10am, I had to get my miniature schnauzer, Harley, to the vet for her yearly shots. Harley hates going to the vet and becomes very insecure and has to be held the entire time like a puppy.

Then I headed to BCC (Boulevard Care Center) for a Patient Advisory Board meeting at 10am. We were introduced to the new interim head, Dr. Hilliard. He is already starting to make changes to make BCC a more pleasant and efficient clinic for people with HIV/AIDS in Duval County.

We did find out today that BCC and the Department of Health for Jacksonville had a total of $4miilion dollars in fund cuts between state and city fund changes. But there are several policy and procedure changes that can be implemented with little to no costs.

It was great to see our contacts from LSS, NFAN and Catholic Charities there. Connie DeVaughn, who works for Caholic Charities is our DAB'S Angel for October 2007. I took Connie's pic and will have her page up by the end of the month.

Then I met Gary for lunch down at the Landing. We had lunch at American Cafe... and I was laughing because the hamburger I had there was better than the food at Lady and Sons... oh well... Then he had to go back to work and I headed home to work and let my dogs out.

BTW... a big shout out to Heather for watching the dogs while I was in Savannah, Georgia. THANKS HEATHER! You're an angel... and we have it documented here... GRIN