September 23, 2008

September 23, 2008
Hey there and thanks for joining me again to see what is going on in my world. It's another busy day in the neighborhood kids.

I had to be up early this morning so I could go to the dentist. So after hearing my alarm at 7am this morning, I ended up sleeping until 8am. Then it was time to stumble out of bed and head into the shower. I had to be at the bus stop by 11am and I wanted to have a good breakfast before I headed out. I also wanted sometime to spend with my four legged children before leaving the house for a few hours. So after eating and making sure the dogs would be okay by themselves for a few hours, it was time to walk the few blocks to the bus stop.

The P7 bus showed up right on time and we were off to Springfield and BCCC. I was having one of my wisdom teeth pulled today and I was not looking forward to the process. Except for twice a year cleanings, I am not that keen on having to go to the dentist. I remember not enjoying the dentist as a small kid and would start screaming as soon as I saw the office door of our family dentist. Well many years later things have not changed much. I still hate the drills and needles associated with good dental health. LOL. Luckily they called me back on time which is rare and within an hour I had one less tooth in my head and a swollen mouth and it was time to head back home.

One thing that caught my attention today was how many people were talking about the government $800 billion buyout of the financial sector and Wall Street. Most of the people I spoke with today were very angry that tax payers are having to shoulder the bill when our government did not do their job. Not only will it hurt current generations but many to come. And the government officials act like it's not big job since it will supposedly help the stock market rebound and get all the riches back to the rich in America. Once again, so much for personal responsibility. I guess "personal responsibility" only applies to the poor when the government does not want to provide public funding programs. Not when you are rich and have friends in the White House and Congress.

Luckily on my way out, I ran into Torrencia, Alice and Angela and we were able to lay some plans for this year's Teddy Bear Touchdown. We will be starting the event at 6pm on December 5th, 2008, at the downtown branch of the Duval County Library. Now that we have a time, date and place; I can start doing the PR media releases and getting us some free promo spots as a 501(c)3 community organization. Deadline for donations is December 1, 2008. We will hopefully be having one or two choruses making a special appearance to sing holiday songs to our wonderful kids as they open their presents. We still have to meet with our new contact at the Rainbow Clinic to have the event information passed on to their clients so the women are going to handle doing that in the next week. The four of us also discussed some other events and happening in the community that are in process and I will share more about those in the future entries of this blog. I also returned Angela's picture discs from the Orlando HIV convention to her after thanking her for the use of them.

My mouth was already starting to kill me so it was time to head home and take some pain killers. After a quick trip outside with the dogs, I headed straight to bed and did move until Gary showed home from work. Since my mouth was still killing me, I only stayed up about thirty minutes with him before heading back to bed. It is now almost 9pm and Gary woke me up so I could take my night medications including my three HIV meds. My mouth is throbbing like crazy so I am going back to bed and hoping it will feel better in the morning.

So while I did accomplish what I needed to today, I hope you had a day which was more fun filled.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab