SEPTEMBER 25, 2007

SEPTEMBER 25, 2007
Good morning,

I ended up not getting to sleep until early this morning after working on this website. The pets and I curled up in bed, listened to the rain and fell dead asleep. That's when I sleep the best. I figured since it was raining, it was a great time to catch up on my sleep.

It the time of year in Florida when the weather can change on a daily basis depending on the weather fronts. We can go from 90s to 50s overnight with the right weather fronts coming through our area.

The pets really enjoy the weather turning cooler. Instead of laying on the floor and trying to stay cool, they have energy to run around when they go outside. While they tend to want to sleep by themselves during the summer, I have to run to get in the bed before them. Usually they're staring up at me as if to say hurry up, get in the bed and keep us warm. (LOL)

I'm very excited from several emails that I've received from people giving us permission to use their resources on our website. The warm wishes always serve as a moral booster.

I don't watch a ton of television, but I do have a few favorite shows and a couple are reality series. I know, I know... but several have me hooked: Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, Amazing Race and America's Next Top Motel.

I also love Ugly Betty,sports, HGTV, CNN, the Food Channel and BBS. But while it's great to curl up with someone on the weekend and watch tv occasionally, I would much rather be out living life instead of watching it.

Tomorrow is a busy day so hitting the hay for now. I will be starting workout advice this weekend. So for those of you that have always wanted to work out but always use the excuse of not knowing what to do or not wanting to go to a gym...

Your excuses are over. These routines can be done at home with a minimum of equipment and I'll be providing your workout routines. We will start out on a beginner's level for those people that have never worked out. If you are intermediate or advanced level, increase weight or number of sets for a good workout.

Night folks! See you tomorrow.


Daddy Dab