September 4, 2008

September 4, 2008
Welcome to another day in my life.

I had a very early start to my morning because of an event at Edward Waters College today. I was not a happy camper when my alarm went off at 6:30 (definitely not a morning person here) this morning as I hit the snooze button. I normally never get up that early in the day unless it is an absolute necessity. But in order for me to be at Edward Waters by 8:45, I need an early start to get all my gears headed in the same direction. Not to mention the bags under my eyes look like suitcases first thing in the morning. LOL. It is scary I'm telling you.

So I slowly woke up as I was drinking my morning chocolate protein shake. After a quick shower and shave, it was time to catch my cab to the college. Now the poor cabbie had no idea how to get to the college so the ride ended up taking twice as long as it should have. The driver knew I was upset so he ended up comping my trip except for his tip. Now I HATE being late when I am expected somewhere so it did not make for the best start to my day. I like to have my table set up before the students start showing up since they usually have very turnouts for their events. I also wanted a change to speak with Lisa Barton and a couple of other contacts before all the activities started. I had also been asked to take some photographs of the event since they loved the files I sent from their World AIDS Day event. I found out they had like my pics I had emailed so much that they had been used in their college publication which was a nice surprise.

So after finally getting to the college, I hurried inside the student union to set up my table. Luckily only a couple of vendors were there when I arrived so I at least was not the last to show up. After quickly setting up, the students started to come in and walk around. I referred about 30 students to the van for the rapid HIV test which only takes 20 minutes to get your results. I also told them about our Teddy Bear Touchdown and I am hoping one of the fraternities and one of the sororities will be participating this year which will greatly help us in the collection of items for the children. I did get to speak with Beverly and Lisa while taking their pictures with Dab the AIDS Bear which you can now see on this website's opening page graphics. I also saw Shannon who I have not seen in months. Unfortunately we only had a minute to talk. All too soon the event was over and it was time to head home. But in truth, I was ready for a nap after the four hour event. Plus I knew my four legged children would need to go outside.

After getting back to the house and putting away the materials I took to the health fair, I let the dogs outside to run around and made a quick protein shake. After herding the dogs back inside I was ready for a nap but then my friend, Brittan, called and wanted to stop by for a visit. I had not seen her in a couple of weeks so I told her to stop by on her way home. She could only stay a few minutes since she needed to get ready for her job tonight. Her grandmother is having a ton of health problems and Brittan has been helping to take care of her and needed someone to talk to about it. Brittan is still in her 20s and this is her first major experience with having a loved one in the dying process. So I lent her a shoulder and let her talk until she felt better. After she left, I finally collapsed into bed and slept until Gary got home from work.

I got up when Gary returned home from work around 6:30pm. Since he had a long day in shipping and I was tired, we decided to order from Larry's Giant Subs. I chose a ham and provolone sub since I have been craving one ever since getting home today. Gary ordered an antipasto salad because he had a sub for lunch already today. Two things I like about Larry's is they are quick and they deliver. They are also the only place that delivers that serves something besides pizza and oriental. We were watching the news and saw the latest coverage of the three storm systems in the Caribbean. We are pretty sure Tropical Storm Hannah is going in north of us near the Carolinas. In about five days, we will have to see where Hurricane Ike is headed. Then behind Ike is Tropical Storm Josephine which should take over a week before locking on a track. So stay tuned for further developments. At least we have dodge the bullet with Hannah.

After dinner, we ended up watching Daily Show With Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report. They both have some excellent hilarious clips as usual. They always cover the latest in political and entertainment news. So with the Republican National Convention being this week, you know who their target was. At least Pallin has energized the Republican party which was desperately lacking in enthusiasm before her nomination as vice-president. It is going to be a long sixty days before the election is over. I know I must have seen at least six presidential ads on television this evening and I am already tired of seeing them. Speaking of politics, I did hear from Lindsey and Jeff (members of Divided We Fail/AARP) by email. They are in Washington, DC for the 50th AARP anniversary celebration. Staff members from all over the country were converging on DC this week for the event.

Well gang, it is time for this Daddy to head off for bed. I hope you had a great day and made the most of your day.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab