September 7, 2008

September 7, 2008
Here's a shout out to you on this great Sunday! How's it going for you today? I hope you are having a safe and great weekend.

I worked on the layout of this website for several hours the past couple of nights and just released the latest version. I consolidated several sections under our Programs and Services main section of the website. So check out the changes and let me know what you think. I am always opened to suggestions since I want the website to be as user friendly as possible. Now remember this is the first website I have ever designed and there is still a ton about html coding that I do not know. So I will accommodate requests as possible. If you know how to do something I do not, please share as I am always open to learning also. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to go take a formal class on html coding so any help is greatly appreciated. I would also like to take the time to thank the various websites, artists, groups and companies who have allowed us to use their resources in building and maintaining our website. Without your help, this website would not have been possible.

It was another blazing hot day here in Jacksonville with a sky full of sun and very few clouds. The temperatures today had a person sweating within a couple of minutes of being outside even in the shade. Even the dogs were fighting the heat by laying on the cool tile and wood floors of the house. I don't think the air conditioner ever shut off today so I am not looking forward to our next electric bill. Our local utility provider just hiked electric rates by 20 percent recently. It made for another great day of football with the first game I watched being Jacksonville against Tennessee. The Jaguars were in the lead until the half then Tennessee took the lead for the rest of the game. When Tennessee scored their last touchdown in the last four minutes of the fourth quarter (17 - 10), the Titans knew they had won the game over the Jaguars. Until then, Jacksonville still had hopes of winning. So our Jaguars are starting off the season 0 - 1. In the last two minutes of the games, the Jaguars tried a short punt after their touchdown in hopes of gaining back possession of the football. But due to a Jaguar player touching the ball before it went ten yards, the Titans had possession of the ball until the end of the game. Final score: Titans 17 Jaguars 10. Not exactly the way a team dreams of starting the season.

Then it was time to get our animals clean and shiny. Harley is not crazy about bath time, but luckily Chipper and Sugar seem to enjoy it. I had to shampoo them twice because they were overdue for a bath. After giving our dogs a long bath that was way overdue and cutting their claws, we watched the Dallas/Cleveland game. I also realized I need to groom Harley more due to a couple of hair mats on her underside. I want them looking decent for their trip to the vet on Tuesday. Now for those of you not into football, Tony Roma (that dates the singer Jessica Simpson) plays on the Dallas team. Roma ended up taking several tough hits during the game and at one point was bleeding from the mouth.

For dinner, we had grilled top sirloin steaks, macaroni and cheese and honey carrots. Publix had a really great special on their top sirloin when we were shopping the other day for I picked a couple of them up. Without a cloud in the sky, it was a great if hot day for grilling out. Since Hannah went by our coast on Friday, we have not had our usual late afternoon thunderstorms or showers. The Dallas/Cleveland game was just wrapping up as everything was finishing. Dallas ended up winning 28 - 10. Speaking about storms, I am hoping we have also dodged the bullet this time with Hurricane Ike as the current path of the hurricane is predicted to take Ike into the Gulf of Mexico. They have warned us that it is possible for the hurricane to turn back toward the Atlantic so we should stay alert. But since it has entered the Gulf of Mexico, I am hoping Ike will not head toward my hometown of Pensacola, Florida, where my dad, other family and some friends live. They had a major hurricane hit about four years ago they practically destroyed parts of the city. It should make landfall in the US some time in the next five days with the experts currently predicting Texas or Louisiana. I just wonder if officials in Louisiana could pull off a second evacuation so close to the last one. The cost of the evacuation aside it will be a struggle to get people to leave again. So I will update as they further predict the path of Ike.

Well I am headed off to bed soon. I hope you had a great weekend and an even better coming week. Thanks for joining me for another day in my life.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab