September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008
It is great having you join me for the start of another week. I hope you had a great weekend. I had a nice relaxing weekend preparing for a very busy week starting tomorrow.

So after getting up this morning and having my chocolate protein shake, I started preparing my schedule for tomorrow. I have to call Enterprise around 9am for them to come pick me up. After I sign for the rental, I have to come back and pick up the dogs for their trip to the vet. After taking them to the Herschel Clinic for their shots I have to stop by the library and NFAN on the way home. After dropping off the dogs, I will grab a bite to end and the head to my doctor appointment over at Regency Healthcare behind Regency Mall. After my doctor appointment, I need to go to my pharmacy to order my monthly refills. Then I have to go grocery shopping at Publix. By that time, I will need to get Gary from work and take him out for dinner. So I will be dead tired by tomorrow night.

Today, I finished getting the dogs spiffed up for their vet visit. I made the grocery list for Publix since I get the big monthly purchases when I rent a car such as big bags of dog food, cat food, cat litter, charcoal, soda, etc. I had some paperwork to fill out for Beth at NFAN and will drop it off after the vet tomorrow. I also cleaned out the refrigerator so putting away the groceries will be quick and easy. I am afraid a couple of those containers hidden in the back of the refrigerator had been in there for at least a month. Talk about nasty. UGH!

I also spoke with Diane today to see how she is doing. With Hurricane Ike now in the Gulf of Mexico, I wanted to see what she and her mothers were thinking about doing. It is of course too soon to know exactly where Ike will land but it is always good to have an emergency plan since conditions with hurricanes can change quickly. Hurricane Ike has killed citizen of Haiti, Turk and Caicos and Cubs so far. All three islands are still dealing with massive flooding after the storms. Diane said she and her mother will head either north or east if it is a class 3 or above and looking like a direct hit on Pensacola. (Currently the forecasters are pointing toward middle Texas as the likeliest hit but like I said we still have a few days to go before landfall.) I guess the major hurricane that hit Pensacola four or five years ago is still fresh in their minds. Luckily that storm did not damage Diane or her mother's houses except for downed trees and a storage shed but it was a bad one and destroyed parts of the city. My father had about 75K dollars worth of damage at his home in Pensacola which is much closer to the beach. It looks like we are totally out of danger with Ike here in Jacksonville but it never hurts to check out the weather every day during this time of year just to be safe. I will keep you updated as the release new postings.

O.J. Simpson trial for kidnapping has started in Nevada. The court is in process of gathering a jury for the trial. I would love to be on that jury and hearing the arguments and evidence. From everything I have read on the event, it does not look good for OJ. It seems some people think they are above the law and can take things into their own hands. Luckily for the rest of us there is a justice system which while not perfect is a possible remedy. I was living in West Hollywood during the OJ Simpson police chase and trial and I personally think he was guilty. But the jury decided on innocent which stunned the residents of Los Angeles. So we will have to see what happens this time.

Just as Gary was getting home from work we had out first big shower in a few days. The dark clouds filled the sky in minutes followed quickly by the downpour. Gary said it was raining as he was going to his bus stop after work and I could see his shirt was still wet. Then I ended up watching television for about an hour and now I am getting ready to head off for hopefully a good night in dreamland.

How about you? How was your day? I hope you made the most of it and remember to have a great tomorrow.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab