September 9, 2008

September 9, 2008
Welcome to a very busy Tuesday in my life. Luckily, I rested up yesterday since I knew how many things I needed to get done today.

I started my day off at 7am with my alarm. (Not my favorite way or time to start off my day I might add!) After having my morning chocolate protein shake and getting a shower, I called Enterprise Rent-a-car so they could come pick me up. The young woman who came to pick me up was from South Africa and had an exotic beauty and body such that she could model. She was very sweet and is going to help raise teddy bears for our Teddy Bear Touchdown. So not only did I get to rent a car but I also made another contact for helping our great children. She even upgraded me to a better vehicle at no extra charge which was greatly appreciated.

I had already set out the dog collars and my stuff so I could grab the dogs and head to the vet after getting my car rental. After I ran by the bank to take some cash out of the ATM, I stopped by NFAN to drop off some paperwork for Beth and the Willowbranch library branch to pick up some books I had requested. If I did not stop by the library today, my one week hold limit would have been up and I would have to request those two photography books again. Then it was on to the Herschel Animal Clinic so Harley, Sugar and Chipper could get their yearly shots. I also needed to get some ear drops for Chipper since he has started an ear infection in the past couple of days. The bad thing about the Herschel Clinic is the no appointment policy so it is first come first serve. So when there are a ton of animals, which is almost always, you have a long wait. It did not help how hot and humid it is outside again today. Luckily we did not have too long of a wait and after getting all their shots and paying, we headed back for the house so I could drop them off. I asked the vet tech how many animals they see a day and he said over 200. I could not imagine having to do that kind of volume.

After grabbing a quick lunch at Taco Bell, it was time to head for my doctor appointment over by Regency Mall. There was ton of new construction heading to the Regency Mall area and the off ramp for my doctor office has changed. There is new flyover so you can avoid the horrible traffic directly around the mall. So at least for future visits, I know the new shortcut. It is always great seeing Dr. Portalatin plus his staff and getting my prescriptions but I do hate how long you have to wait in the examining room. I am very claustrophobic and the rooms are very small so I always leave the door open so I do not have a panic attack. Doc and I spoke about the breakfast with John McCain that I am attending with Divided We Fail next Monday. He asked I forward him an email about the event and gave me his email. Hopefully I will get to see Dr. P there. I also found out today that the manager of the health care center is allowing all the employees to help with collect items for our Teddy Bear Touchdown also. Talk about a great day!

After leaving the doctor, it was time to head back to Riverside and head to the AHF Clinic Pharmacy for my prescriptions. Since I had pre-ordered most of my medicines yesterday, I knew it would not take long for them to fill the extra one I was given by the doctor today. Gary had called while I had my phone turned off during my doctor appointment and left me a message that he would be home early. So while I was at the pharmacy and catching up with Gigi, I called him back and told him I would be home shortly. Gigi and I have gotten to know each other over the past four years. After getting off my call with Gary, I told Gigi I would be back in about an hour. After arriving back at home, we took the dogs outside for a few minutes since we were going to be out for a few hours. Then it was time to head out and get our errands finished before it got too late. I hate driving at night almost as much as driving in the rain.

First, we had to go by the pharmacy and pick up my medications from Gigi. Then we drove over to Steinmart to see what they had in stock but did not see anything I could not live without. I went there looking for some Polo shirts but they did not have my size or the style I was hoping to get. I will probably end up shopping online since it is so much easier to find what you want especially when you wear a very popular size. I did notice they are carrying a new British brand but I prefer my Polo. We decided then to go to Golden Corral for dinner so we could beat the dinner rush. Since we were there before 6pm we were able to avoid the long lines. Now I know a lot of people do not like restaurants like Golden Corral, but I love their pot roast. It reminds me of being a kid growing up in Pensacola when we would have a pot roast every other Sunday for dinner. And I am not the best cook in the world and can never seem to get a roast perfect. Golden Corral had also put in new booths, made the place more self service and had better desserts than they use to have. We both inhaled our food until our stomachs felt like they were going to explode. Next we went to WalMart which is right down the street from the restaurant. I needed to get treats and food for the dogs. I also picked up food and kitty litter for the cat along with some things for the house that we all have to get occasionally. Now the pets have everything they need for the next couple of months. Then it was time to head back to the house and unpack all of today's purchases. No one can say I did not help the national economy today.

I am finally settled at the couch taking care of this blog entry and my body is telling me we had a busy day. So I will be headed off to bed soon for what I am sure will be a sound night of sleep.

I hope you had a memorable day. Remember life is not a dress rehearsal so make the most of each one you are given.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab