Product Description

by Candace L., Seattle, WA

Visualization and Healing.

Visualization means to form a clear mental image of someone or something. We can do this in relation to the HIV Virus inside of you. With Visualization, you can picture the Virus being defeated by your immune cells. You can have the virus locked up in a jail cell. You can visualize the virus sick and dying from the HIV meds. Whatever works for you.

You can visualize your body and the HIV meds getting along... no stomach problems... no other side effects. You can visualize yourself making the most out of your day... make it whatever will bring your happiness. There is no wrong visualization.

I want to give you some creative visualization exercises to do which will not only introduce you to the type of creative visualization we are going to work with here, but will also give you practice and experience of the benefits you can attain form the use of creative visualization exercises.

This is a creative visualization exercise which you can do with anything that you feel needs healing. Again, I will leave it up to you to decide what you think that might be. The only things I will say is do not limit it. It can be used with both physical and emotional conditions.


If you have something going on with you, i.e. a physical or mental condition, there is a school of thought that will say that for it to persist you must be creating it. Few of us do this on a conscious level, but there is some truth in it.

The point is that if we are doing this on a habitual, unaware or subconscious basis we have little power over it.

There is another school of thought that tells us if we do a thing that we are doing habitually, in a deliberate fashion then that will break the habit. Letís try it.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Create the thing you think needs healing. i.e. if you have a bad foot, create a bad foot exactly the same as the one you have already got.

Create it in the same place with the same feeling in it.

This is a new creation of the bad foot, in the same place as the original one is.

Create the same feeling in it and create any thoughts you have about it exactly the same as the thoughts you actually have about it.

You are creating the whole thing again, exactly the same as it already is.

Try it for a week...

Wishing you wellness!