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Vicki was born in Chicago, Illinois. She moved to Florida at age 15. Vicki began her professional life as a college English professor. Her career path then lead to Vicki being a grant manager for federal programs dealing with the elderly and women's issues and finally to her passion massage therapy.

Vicki has always been very active in community issues. Whether starting the local chapter of National Organizations for Women (NOW), the first Jacksonville Women's Political Caucus or being a past active member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce; Vicki is always working through enlightenment towards a world without discrimination.

Vicki has been involved in message therapy and bodywork since the late 70s. She has been working with the HIV/AIDS community since 1992. Vicki has a healing and caring touch which she loves sharing with the HIV community. She also has empathy and sympathy for citizens facing discrimination and health issues.

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