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Walter is a founding member of Jqcksonville Playback Theater and has worn many hats throughout the years. He studied drama at San Francisco City College, performing many classics and using his architectural background to design and build sets. Ten years ago Walter wrote a play to share his experience with AIDS and formed Healing Theatre, Inc. being the director as well as an actor fulfilling his desire to help others and indeed helping himself. He has also performed in various community theatres and has produced other of his plays for the First Coast Theatre Arts Association. Walter feels that acting, singing, making noises and movement in playback is a wonderful way to give back to the community where he is a part. In return he has learned the essence of listening and the capability to think with his heart.

Walter is a long term survivor of HIV and AIDS. He is a playwright, actor, and activist all rolled up in one. His one man play "Me and My Virus" is one of the most touching and relevant play about HIV produced for the stage today.

Walter is our Community Media Chairperson. He is in charge of media production including all virtual and mass media. His committee will be producing video clips, educational materials, project historian and event promotions.

He is a great asset to this project and the HIV community. Using his dedication, insight and creative talents; Walter's goal is to eliminate HIV/AIDS ignorance and discrimination.