Your Partner is HIV+
What now?

If you learn your partner has HIV, there are a lot of ways to be supportive.

Talk about it.

Be open with each other about your feelings. They may include:

* fear, anger, denial

* shock, guilt, sadness

* loneliness, depression

* peace, hope, acceptance

Learn about treatment

It is true there is no cure for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But proper treatment can help a person with HIV stay healthy for many years.

If my partner has HIV, do I?

Only a test can tell.

Get tested if you've:

* had sex - vaginal, anal or oral - with your partner or anyone else

* shared a needle for any reason

The test checks for signs of HIV in the body.

Ask about a "rapid" test which can give preliminary results during the same visit. Be sure to learn the results.

Follow-up testing may be needed.

It may take weeks for HIV to show up. So if you test negative, you may need another test to confirm it. If you are sexually active, consider getting tested at least yearly - or as often as your health care provider recommends.

Below are some common subjects when dealing with HIV status. Click on the sections below for more information.