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April 2008

 April 2008
Welcome to another month of my blogs. If you're new to my blogs there are several past months of my blogs if you choose to catch up on the entries. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride. I discuss a little bit about everything from politics to human rights and of course my life as a HIV+ American.

It's going to be another long month as we continue the primaries for the Democratic candidate and wait for the race between McCain and which ever one of the Democrats whether Clinton or OBama get the nomination do their race. I also have my usual appointments with the different organizations that I've joined or am a member.

The weather should stay temperate for most of the month. It's still a great time of year for me to get a tan before the scorching heat and humidity that we get in the south after the end of May. I've got a fairly good tan since I started the end of February - beginning of March on getting my base tan started.

I had some great things happen last month with my 46th birthday on March 28th. Jasmyn has also agreed to be my project's 501(c)3 sponsor so all contributions are now tax deductible. I also made several trips last month and it looks like April could be very similar. I can't believe how quickly the year is going by and it's April already.

Baseball season has stared but I haven't had the time to catch all the games I would like to have seen. I've enjoyed watching a few of the college games but I'm more of a pro fan than college when it comes to baseball... almost the opposite of football for me. I'm hoping to make it to a couple of Jacksonville Suns games again this year if I'm in town when they happen. We have a great new brick stadium here in Jacksonville with tons of concession stands. Now if you only didn't have to take out a mortgage to order food for two people... LOL.

Speaking of prices... between gas and groceries, it seems like the world is going crazy. I swear my groceries that use to cost about 70 dollars a week a year ago are now over costing me over $100.00 and I'm seeing the biggest increase on "breakfast" foods like eggs, cereal and milk. I foresee the average American having to tighten their belt and stop eating at restaurants as much. Hopefully, our next president will be addressing recession and inflation among the myriad of problems the next commander in chief will be inheriting from our current President.

I hope that all of you have a great April 2008... enjoy my blogs and drop me a line when you get a chance. Wishing all of you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab