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June 2008

 June 2008
Welcome to June! In Florida, we are at the start of summer and the hurricane season for 2008!

We have also reached the time of year where the daily temperature is usually above 90 degrees during the day not to mention the humidity making you start sweating as soon as you walk outside to do anything. But I guess the heat and humidity are the payoff for almost never having any snow or temperatures near zero during the winters.

This is also Gay Pride Month for many cities across the United States including my old city of San Francisco. If you have never been it is a once in a lifetime experience. For many people who live in cities or states with smaller gay and lesbian community, it can be an empowering experience to be surrounded by people from the same community. For more heterosexual readers, Gay Pride started after the Stonewall Bar Riots in New York City in 1969 after gay bar patrons were finally fed up with harassment from the New York City police department. On that night in June they finally fought back and history was made.

Speaking of Stonewall, June also always makes me think back to 1994 when I was fortunate enough to attend the Stonewall 25th anniversary and the Gay Olumpic Games in New York City. I was staying with my two lesbian friends Denise and Leslie at their place in City Island, NY which is at the end of the subway line. I ended up being chosen as one of many of the entertainers in the opening ceremony for the Gay Games which was a very exciting experience having over 80,000 people in the stands watching you and cheering. In fact, the entire two weeks were an one in a lifetime experience with over 1.2 million gays and lesbians in NYC for the events. Every where I went I met other people just like me. Sometimes the crowds were so thick all you could see was a wave of bodies. Of course there were downsides like taking forever to get anywhere on the subways but you knew you were safe. The city also invested in many overtime police to ensure no international crisis with foreign gay and lesbian visitors. I did end up meeting a very special person that weekend unfortunately living in different countries made anything longer impossible. But oh what a great two weeks with someone.

June is also the month when almost all children are out of school for the summer. The roads around town become jammed for the summer with inexperienced drivers especially on John Turner Butler Blvd. heading to and from the beach. It's also the month a lot of people take some vacation. While I don't know if I will be taking any vacation time, I am sure I will be doing at least one trip with Divided We Fail during the month if not several more.

I hope you have a safe and great start to your summer. Thanks for joining me again. I hope you enjoy my blog entries again this month.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab