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May 2008

May 2008
Welcome to another month friends! I can't believe how quickly the year is going by. Seems like just yesterday it was Valentine's Day. Well this month is Mother's Day! So I want to say Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

Unfortunately my own mother passed away five years ago after a long struggle with circulatory disease. Mom had suffered several strokes before her death and showed the greatest of grace and strength with her illness. She never gave up and lived to her goal of enjoying her 50th wedding anniversary to my father a few months before her passing. I've been thinking about her often due to Mother's Day coming up.

This will also be another busy month with the different organizations in which I participate. With Divided We Fail, we have several events I'll be participating in this month with the first being on May 3rd in Jacksonville. We're attending a day of service and helping paint houses. This project also has a health fair coming up. I was trying to arrange an event in Pensacola so I could also see my friends and family but the plans fell through. I'll be flying up to Washington, DC as I do most months for my clinical trial studies. The weather is great this time of year in DC. It's right after the blossoms of March and early April and before the head of summer. Dupont Circle should be packed this time of year and always makes for great people watching during my free time. I also have a couple of meetings to attend while I'm there and I always hope to have time to spend with a few special friends.

The end of the month brings in the summer soltice which in Florida means the beginning of the horrible humidity, high temperature and hurricane season. We've been lucky the past couple of years with the hurricane season and I hope our good luck continues. Having grown up in Pensacola, Florida, I've lived through my fair share of hurricanes and can live without going through any more of them. It's just a known possibility when you live in our state. The way the state of Florida is shaped, it does help Jacksonville avoid more hurricanes than most cities on our coast.

I hope you have a great month. If you're going on vacation this month, I wish you safe travels. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab