DADDY DAB'S LIFE SAVERS CLUB is for our donors contributing a minimum of $100. whether from corporate, club or personal donations and/or services.

Give the gift of life and hope to a person with HIV and AIDS and your donation today. (click on life preserver at bottom of page)


The following businesses, clubs and individuals have donated a minimum of $100 in donations or services and joined our Life Savers Club

Daddy Dab and Gary - Jacksonville, FL

Sam and Happy Shipley - Wayne, PA

Regan Hofmann - New York City, NY

David and Sharron Boorde - Cary, NC

One AcChord - Jacksonville, FL

Northeast Florida AIDS Network - Jacksonville, FL

Department of Health - Jacksonville, FL

Vicki Wengrow - Jacksonville, FL

Bob and Karen Barker - North Grafton, MA

Robert E. Garner - Pensacola, FL

David Capogna - New York City, NY

Wengrow Body Therapy - Jacksonville, FL

Diane Garner - Pensacola, FL

Heather Vaughan and family - Jacksonville, FL

Greg and Helen Eckhart - Chicago, IL

Cheryl Taylor and Stephanie Sipp - Jacksonville, FL

Marshall and Lucille Green - Boston, MA

First Coast Chorus - Jacksonville, FL

Jose and Maria Garcia - San Diego, CA

Beth Parker - Jacksonville, FL

World AIDS Week Committee - Jacksonville, FL

Brad Miller - Washington, DC

Mark Hill and Bill Mobley - Atlantic Beach, FL

Jacksonville Bears - Jacksonville, FL

Fred and Steve Johnson - San Francisco, CA

Lutheran Social Services - Jacksonville, FL

Leslie Deitch and Denise Adorante - New York, NY

Catholic Charities - Jacksonville, FL

Andy Shepherd and Joe Monohan - Jacksonville, FL

Robert and Marcia Garner - Pensacola, FL

Richard and Sarah Covington - Seattle, WA

Rainbow and Stars - Jacksonville, FL

Dick Neiman - Jacksonville, FL

Alex and Allison Crawford - Los Angeles, CA

Fred Carter and Steve Hanson - Key West, FL

Dale Strickland and family - Jacksonville, FL

Safe Home Security Service - Columbus, OH