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What is your stake in Keeping Medicare Fair?

In politics, it is not always enough to have the facts — and common sense — on your side. Sometimes members of Congress will only respond to the real life stories of people impacted by their policies.

We are collecting stories of activists like you for Daddy Dab and AARP to share with Congress as personalized reasons for keeping Medicare fair.

It only takes a few moments to help and you could make a real difference. We need you to tell us what Medicare means to you — how much you, a friend or a family member depend on it — and how a premium increase would undermine your health security.

Click the link below to tell your Medicare story. We’ll use your story to show Congress why they need to Keep Medicare Fair.

Here are some of the facts:

* Monthly premiums for Medicare beneficiaries have more than doubled since 2000;

* On average, Medicare covers only half of a beneficiary’s annual health care costs;

* Out-of-pocket expenses on hospital visits alone cost beneficiaries $1,000 each.

These facts all point to the conclusion that many folks on Medicare cannot afford, and don’t deserve, to pay more for the health care they depend on.

Sadly, these facts presented alone will not be as persuasive as a personal story. To get Congress to act, we need to put a human face on this issue. There is no better way to send the Keep Medicare Fair message than through first-hand accounts — from you and people who rely on Medicare every day.

Click the link below and share your Medicare story. Your story could impact Medicare policy today and for years to come!

Share your story with us and we will share it with Congress, the media and others with influence over this debate. Thank you for taking the time and thank you for helping the fight to Keep Medicare Fair!


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