HIV 101

This section deals with HIV basics, prevention, health care, mental health, gender issues, race issues and the effects of drug use.

"WILL YOU STAND WITH MAGIC" Section has to link to sign up for information on fighting new infections in minority communities. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP ON THE WAR AGAINST AIDS IN MINORITY COMMUNITIES CLICK ON THEIR LINK BELOW TO JOIN.

Our DRUG ABUSE/ADDICTION Section is about life experiences with addiction and HIV and each has been written by a person sharing their experiences. (LINKS AT BOTTOM OF DRUG ABUSE/ADDICTION PAGE) Their hope is by reading their stories, it will inspire you with whatever conditions you might be fighting with in addition to being HIV positive. We applaud them for their honesty and courage. They have our eternal thanks for sharing their intimate stories with you.

HIV SURVIVAL GUIDE is listing of the different types of assistance available to people with HIV/AIDS in Duval county. FOR LISTINGS IN YOUR AREA, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL AIDS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS OR THE DEPT. OF HEALTH.