Don't know who your political representatives are or do not know how to contact them? Ever wanted to give them feedback about the votes and choices they make for you and the rest of the American men, women and children.

Every feel like Washington and our officials are out of touch with the realities of the every day American? Now you can let them know what is on your mind.

Every candidate and elected official from President to local government can be easily and instantly accessed through the internet.

You can find information on:

Voting Records -- Compare what your representatives said during the campaign with how they actually voted on the record.

Biographical & Contact Information -- From their previous professions, education, families, organizational membership to their latest e-mail address, we gather it all.

Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) -- We test thousands of candidates for President, Congress, Governor and State Legislature with our Political Courage Test. The test accurately measures a candidate's willingness to provide voters with their positions on the issues they will most likely face if elected to represent you.

Interest Group Ratings -- Over 150 competing special interest groups, from conservative to liberal, evaluate your representatives. Look at what they say.

Public Statements -- The Project constantly collects speeches and public comments of the president, governors, and congressional representatives. Just type in a word, say; 'immigration' and all public utterances containing the word 'immigration' will appear. Compare what they said while campaigning in California a few years ago to what they are saying now in New Hampshire.

Campaign Finances -- How much money did your representatives raise and from whom? Just follow the money and then follow the votes.

For all of these answers including how to find the contact information for your political representatives and their records, click on the Project Vote Smart link below.