January 18, 2007

January 18, 2007
Hey Folks!

This has been another long week. On Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment with my primary care physician. Dr. Portalatin is a great doctor that I've been seeing for about 14 years when I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I was mainly there for my follow up and to get my prescriptions that have to be written monthly because of being controlled. There was no new good news and no new bad news so I guess no news is good news... LOL Then Patrick and I went and ran a few errands. He's a great friend that I've known for over 10 years.

On Wednesday night, the support group that I co-facilitate met at Lutheran Social Services. A few of our regulars were sick so we had eight people in attendance. We didn't have food this week but we did have some candy which the sugar had everyone bouncing off the walls. We also met one of the new interns that Heather is working with at Lutheran.

Thursday, I had the Patient Advisory Board Meeting at BCCC. We covered several issues and had about 15 people in attendance which was great to see. We talked about starting the plans for this year's picnic for the clients. We also have to work on re-doing the Patient Orientation Booklet which is way out of date. Nathaniel was great and gave me a ride to the meeting.

We had a meeting for this project directly after the Patient Advisory Board Meeting. It was great having the women from the Rose Women's Minority Support Group attend this month. They are a wonderful loving group of women that I have the pleasure of meeting and working with on several committees. One of their members, Torrencia, has been on our board of directors since we started.

I had a dentist appointment scheduled after that... but unfortunately it was wrongly scheduled for me. I get my next cleaning in March now. But they were very apologetic for the mistake. Then I picked up Gary's meds before heading back for home.

Today, I had my massage therapy session with Vicki. We talked about things going on in our lives while she gave me a great massage. My back and legs have tightened up so much between being sick last month and starting to work out again. It's always great spending time with Vicki catching up and walking down memory lane since we've both been activists for decades.

Tonight, I'm enjoying a peaceful night at home since the next few days are doing to be hectic. We have several presidential candidates coming into town so I will be working with Divided We Fail to show up at all of the events. Should be lots of great times since the people I've met so far have been very friendly and interested in the same causes.

Hope that all of you have a great weekend.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab