We believe that the opportunity to have access to health care and long-term financial security is a basic need that all Americans share. We believe it is the foundation for future generations.

We believe all Americans should have access to affordable, quality health care.

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We believe...

All Americans should have access to affordable health care, including prescription drugs, and these costs should not burden future generations.

We believe...

Wellness and prevention efforts, including changes in providing national health care and increased Ryan White and HIV funding should be top national priorities.

We believe...

Americans should have choices when it comes to long-term care - allowing them to maintain their independence at home or in their communities with expanded and affordable financing options.

We believe all Americans should have peace of mind about their future long-term financial security.

We believe...

American men women should have an adequate quality of life when they retire or are forced to retire on disability. Social Security must be strengthened without burdening future generations.

We stand as strong champions for the new American dream -- to build a 21st century America where these issues are paramount so that all people can have the opportunity for a prosperous future. We also believe that individuals, businesses, health care providers, non-profit organizations, and government must work together to find solutions - personally, privately and publicly. We believe that all of us share a responsibility for making our society work and restoring peace of mind to all Americans.

This is our pledge for positive change and our commitment to current and future generations.

Divided We Fail, but together we can do anything.

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