Make a plan for staying safer - long term.

Consider Abstinence

Abstinence is the only sure way to prevent sexual transmission of HIV and other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and pregnancy. Instead of sex, find other ways to express your feelings and desires - without risk.

If you decide to have sex use a male latex condom every time. Condoms are not 100 percent effective. But they can help protect against HIV. Be sure to use a new latex condom properly for eact act of vaginal, anal or oral sex.

If you cannot use a male latex condom, find out about polyurethane condoms for women, or polyurethane or synthetic latex condoms for men. Call the CDC hotline to learn more.

If both you and your partner have HIV, it's key to use a condom for any kind of sex. Otherwise, you risk infection with a different strain of HIV - or other STDs.